Restaurant Person

I worked a number of restaurants in the 70's. By far my favorite was Dave's Italian Kitchen in Evanston Illinois. It's  still open. I learned the only job description worth learning at The Kitchen. The Kitchen had already expanded once to twenty tables at 506 Davis when it found itself gentrified in 1978 (building went condo) and we had to find a new location. Business was good and Dave took this as an opportunity to expand again when The Kitchen moved to 906 Church. The lawyers decided that this expansion meant that a certain level of organizational formality was required. They gave him the "Dave, real businesses have policies and job descriptions" speech. Organizational formality did not sit well with Dave. When he got back to The Kitchen, he grabbed a menu, turned it over and wrote "Dave's Italian Kitchen." Below that he wrote "Job Description." Below that he wrote "Your job is to get the job done." That was it ... policy manual completed.

I've read longer job descriptions. I've never read a better one. If you couldn't figure out what it meant; you didn't belong at The Kitchen.

The drawing on the right is from The Kitchen's website. The Kitchen is now at 1635 Chicago Ave in Evanston. Check them out.